How Emerging Artists in 2018 Are Getting Exposure

Today, young new emerging artists are choosing to get their music out to the world by either doing it themselves or pursuing an Independent Label rather than a more well known label.

There are advantages and disadvantages to making these choices.

Major labels, first and foremost are harder to come by and the big dream of getting signed sometimes misleads these young talented kids into believing they are going to be the next big thing, when in fact they are nothing but a new project for the label.

A large signing bonus may at first seem pretty cool and even a “no brainer” when considering a large major label, but trust me the fine print is what you need to look at.

Many major labels will also sign an artist that sounds very similar to another artist they are investing huge amounts of money into, just to basically put them on the shelf to not get in the way of their money making endeavors.

For the last several years I have worked extremely close to many young, new, alternative bands in Southern California, Orange County and the Inland Empire and have watched many hearts break, many kids have their dreams shattered and many get taken for a slam dunk ride. The music industry has changed drastically from what it used to be like.

Bands today usually have to “pay to play” sometimes way up in the hundreds. They must sell their own tickets for around $8-$10 bucks a shot, then only play a 45 minute set.Going through an Independent Label is a whole different issue, they are usually dirt broke, wondering which band is going to be their meal ticket none usually are, maybe one or two will make them a bit of money, but it ends up being sunk right back into the band or other label needs.

A good Independent Label can allow these artists to play at venues across the country without having to sell pre-sale tickets and give them the ability to build their fan base nationwide.

Then there are the bands that have really chosen the Indie route. They are paying for their own studio recording time, CD replication, scheduling their own gigs, buying their own merch (i.e. teeshirts, hats and buttons) and hoping that one day, that one “industry peep” will be sitting at a secluded table in the back of the club with a martini waiting to sign them.

Why Music Store Clerks Hate You!

Ran into a snobbish music store clerk? Don’t fret! The world is full of people who think they are better than you, more talented that you and have bigger heads than you and all it means is they have more hair to lose.

For the most part music clerks consist of aspiring musicians or music lovers. They all have something in common with each other, bitterness. Most are working long hours due to the fact that the store cannot find adequate help for the minimum wage they are offering.

Another likely reason is the clerks are teenagers, wishing they were anywhere else but there. They need to save up enough money to put gas in their car, so this is it. They are not personally taking out their disgust on you, it just happens that way.

“Stuck up” people that get defensive easily, make excuses for their behavior or feel the need to elaborate or justify how great they are, usually are lacking self esteem. They must brag about how wonderful they are, because in all reality, they aren’t that well off.

If you walk into a music store and the clerk is rude or snobbish…smile at them, quietly ask them to do their job in finding your music or completing your transaction.

Explain to them that you do not have the time to put up with their nonsense or rudeness because you are late for a gig. Trust me people who pretend to be something they are not, hate it when others “have their number”.

You cannot change the stripes you are born with, but you can certainly wash off the painted ones. Do not confuse arrogance and snobbish behavior with just a simple bad day. Sometimes we have those days that our fangs just come out, without any explanation at all. Those people on those days, get a hall pass!

Remember that you respect yourself, you know what kind of person you are, there is no need to flaunt it, brag about it and most definitely be a pain about it. Smile, walk away quietly and you win, you are the better person for it.

The world is full of bitter, unappreciated, angry and lonely people, it is our job to make it a better place by spreading our sunshine and humor into the world. Music makes the world go around, clerks just add the records to the player.

Trying to Understand the Music Industry in 2018

So it happened…It finally happened! I have been spending the last month or so…OK let’s stay real, the last YEAR or SO – ALL of 2017, trying to understand the Industry. I was trying to justify why I subject myself to this sort of torture.

There really is no such thing as NORMAL when speaking about the Music Industry. The picture of Amy Wino..uh, I mean Amy Winehouse looks like a cross between Dennis Rodman and Boy George (which I truly believe may really be the same person). Almost looks like well, SICK! The Music Industry is just NOT right people!

This post would be longer than the track marks on Amy’s arm if I tried to cover her whole story about going to rehab, not going to rehab. C’mon people, she even sang a song about it for Lepperchaun’s sake! SHE’S NOT GOING!

She already stated that in the song, Daddy made her go to rehab and she said, no, no, NO! I think we should just leave her alone, she likes looking like something that Steven Speilberg created in his twisted mind or one of his horror movies.

I have finally also came up with an idea of what to do with Michael jackson’s Never never land, when he loses it to the $23 mil lawsuit, the amount in which he first owed on the loan. I think we should develop the land and make a nice cozy property for all these poor strung out rockstars that are “down and out in Beverly hills”!

An even better idea would be to “house” allĀ of them there, and allow the public to come for guided tours, a real life wax museum of sorts! I think I better “copyright” that idea, how much do you want to make a bet, we will soon have a place called, “Lost in Never-Neverland”.

Over the years of me writing, dabbling with music, being a mom, wife and friend, I have just seen the world travelling at a scary speed down the toilet bowl. I am now convinced that the Music industry is partly to blame, after examing the photos of Eddie Van Halen yeah I’m shocked too!), Brittany Spears, Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Wino, how could you disagree?

The people or musicians that seem to stay sane, are those that just do it for fun, not fame. Eddie van halen is a legendary rockstar, but by that photo above, I swear I saw him last week at the bus stop and I gave him a dollar!

Nickleback wrote a song about it, “I wanna be a rockstar” and somewhere in his brilliant lyrics say, ” The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap, and we’ll stay skinny cus we just won’t eat”, not to mention the next verse, “That everyone has a drug dealer on speed dial”.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of aging a zillion years, weighing 67 pounds and not being able to remember what gender I am…just so I can be a rockstar, doesn’t sound too good to me.

Now I am sure I have sound of “sour grapes” in my words, and maybe I do a bit. I am thinking though, that it just was not the life for me, this is way more fun, to be able to sit back and READ the “latest dictionary of today’s who’s who”.