Queensryche ‘American Idol’

Queensryche, the legendary, and I mean legendary Seattle metal band, has been running a promotional contest to have one of their fans sing a cover song at each of their shows on their current tour. Sounds cool right? Wrong! So far no one has been able to measure up to the legendary “Geoff Tate”.

“With ‘American Idol’ being such a hit, we felt the fans deserve to hear amateurs butcher songs live,” said Tate. What? was he serious? First of all…ANY queensryche Tribute deserves justice.

Where the hell is the REAL queensryche these days anyway? Tate goes on to say…”Plus, and this is totally off the record, it makes me feel so much better about myself. Seriously, have you heard some of these people? This is clearly not a ‘Ripper’ Owens situation.”

I’m pissed now, who the hell IS this guy? Now I have heard of Rockstars acting obnoxious…but this is just INSANE! This guy needs to realize he is a zillion years old, and no one gives a damn about queensryche these days…well unless it is a tribute band…one in particular, Empire…who have decided that the days of trying to impress are over, but they are the HEROS damnit!

YouTube clips of the guest lead singers are among the most searched Queensryche clips on the video-sharing site. “Yeah, I wouldn’t put too much weight in that,” added Tate. “Millions of people are watching ‘2 Girls, 1 Cup’ too.” I’m sorry, but I HATE this guy, he is right up there with PHIL ANSELMO! Screw you…you OLD man!