Since 2016, We have grown into one of the most respected Research and Development blogs for music enthusiasts.

Our main readers include some of the top labels and publishers, including many independent publishers, radio stations and PR companies. This website has become a resource to discover new sounds and research the latest technologies to help you produce high quality sounds.

We are constantly seeking the next big hit in the music biz and if you think you have what it takes, please use the link below to submit a demo to our website.

Areas We Cover:

  • Music PR – Tell us about your release and we’ll show you how we can help, Our 10 week campaigns target digital and physical publications. Prices from £299
  • Music Playlisting – We work with with official and independent playlist curators to ensure your track gets the exposure it deserves and is added to the hottest spotify and streaming playlists. POA
  • Social Media Campaigns – We can deliver targeted campaigns, to increase your awareness via all the social media channels. Prices from £250
  • Radio Plugging – Get your music in-front of national and independent radio production teams across the globe, our database of over 30,000 contacts, our 6 week campaigns come with bi-weekly reports starting and cost £999.
  • Music Videos – We can work with your idea and bring it to life, we also can create lyric videos, live videos, gifs and more!
  • Websites – from design to implementation, we have got you covered. Prices from £300.
  • Paid Advertising – Work with us to target fans to your music via Spotify, Social and Youtube Advertising.
  • Social Verification – We rely on our contacts to ensure your application is seen to ensure you achieve the blue tick.
  • Design – Do you have a idea that needs bringing to life, our team of graphic designers will help you from Facebook banners to cover art + more!
  • Consultancy – We can help with pitching to labels, publishers to finding top producers and mixers to bring your track alive. We offer a monthly consultancy package and work with you to achieve your goals.