Why Music Store Clerks Hate You!

Ran into a snobbish music store clerk? Don’t fret! The world is full of people who think they are better than you, more talented that you and have bigger heads than you and all it means is they have more hair to lose.

For the most part music clerks consist of aspiring musicians or music lovers. They all have something in common with each other, bitterness. Most are working long hours due to the fact that the store cannot find adequate help for the minimum wage they are offering.

Another likely reason is the clerks are teenagers, wishing they were anywhere else but there. They need to save up enough money to put gas in their car, so this is it. They are not personally taking out their disgust on you, it just happens that way.

“Stuck up” people that get defensive easily, make excuses for their behavior or feel the need to elaborate or justify how great they are, usually are lacking self esteem. They must brag about how wonderful they are, because in all reality, they aren’t that well off.

If you walk into a music store and the clerk is rude or snobbish…smile at them, quietly ask them to do their job in finding your music or completing your transaction.

Explain to them that you do not have the time to put up with their nonsense or rudeness because you are late for a gig. Trust me people who pretend to be something they are not, hate it when others “have their number”.

You cannot change the stripes you are born with, but you can certainly wash off the painted ones. Do not confuse arrogance and snobbish behavior with just a simple bad day. Sometimes we have those days that our fangs just come out, without any explanation at all. Those people on those days, get a hall pass!

Remember that you respect yourself, you know what kind of person you are, there is no need to flaunt it, brag about it and most definitely be a pain about it. Smile, walk away quietly and you win, you are the better person for it.

The world is full of bitter, unappreciated, angry and lonely people, it is our job to make it a better place by spreading our sunshine and humor into the world. Music makes the world go around, clerks just add the records to the player.